Wat te doen?: volop keuzes voor iedereen

Recreation Program

Hello everybody!

Every year there is a professional team for our recreation program and we will make sure that together with our dog Henkie, all children, parents and grandparents won’t be bored during their vacation. From playing games till playing bingo. We would love to have a great time with you and aren’t you really in the mood to play with us? Then you will always be able to play a game through our free WiFi network.

When there is a recreation program during your vacation, you will receive a program in your arrival package. You can also come pick it up yourself at the reception. There is also an app from ERKEMEDERSTRAND where you can find our recreation program! 

Under you can find our recreation programs.

Recreation program may
Recreation program Ascension
Recreation Program Pentecost
Recreation program 08/14 July
Recreation Program 15 / 21 July
Recreation program 22 / 28 July
Teenager Program 22 / 28 July
Recreation program 29 July / 4 August
Teenager Program 29 July / 4 August
Recreation program 05 - 11 August
Teenager Program 05 - 11 August
Recreation program 12 - 18 August
Teenager Program 12 - 18 August
Recreation program 19 - 25 augustus