Wat te doen?: volop keuzes voor iedereen

Recreation Program

Hello everybody!

We are Otto, Izzi and Elle from Recrateam and we will make sure that together with our dog Henkie, all children, parents and grandparents won’t be bored during their vacation. From playing games till playing bingo. We would love to have a great time with you and aren’t you really in the mood to play with us? Then you will always be able to play a game through our free WiFi network.

Here you can see the activities from 2016. When we know the dates of the big activities, you will find them here. 

Every year there will be a professional recreation team during the holidays.
In 2016 there is a recreation program during Easter, Kings day week (22/4 – 30/4),
the week of Ascension Day (30/4 – 8/5), the week of Pentecost (8/5 – 16/5) and during
the high season (9/7 – 3/9). So.. what to do during your vacation? A LOT!!

Disco, soccer, karaoke, bingo, build huts, watch a movie, lasergame, kidsclub, crafts,
dropping, soccer tournament, dogs training, beach volleyball, theater, crafts for adults,
playbackshow, ghost tour, dance show, party evenings, live performances, circus,
musical performed by the children, theme day and the foam party.

You can click the banner below to see the recreation program online. It is also possible
to stay updated by downloading our app of the ERKEMEDERSTRAND.You can also get
the program at the reception at a weekly base.

You can put the following activities on the calendar anyway:
March 26th Startersnight in De Jutter
March 27th Easter brunch in De Jutter
May 7th Party evening at field Komeet
May 14th The Blues Company in De Jutter
July 2nd Dogsday
July 9th Tasting in De Jutter
July 16th Dutch music evenening in De Jutter
July 23th Opening of the marquee with DJ Henk
July 30th Playbackshow in the marquee
August 6th Party evening in the marquee
August 13th Tropical night in the marquee
August 19th Dropping
August 20th Foam party in the marquee
August 27th Flower party in De Jutter
September 3th  Ghost tour

All activities are subject to change. It's quite possible that changes be made regarding the times and activities.