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Rates 2017

Below you can find the rates of the season 2017. You can make a reservation online, send us an e-mail or call us to place your booking. 

Rates Camping on the waterfront 2017
Rates Campsite behind the dike 2017
Rates Dogs playfield 2017
Rates Camping Cottages 2017
Rates Harbour 2017
Rates Group Camping 2017
Rates Summercamp 2017

House rules and General terms

We wish to ensure that you have a pleasant and carefree time on the ERKEMEDERSTRAND. The following terms and conditions help to achieve this.

Upon arrival all our camping guests receive an information guide from the reception. The guide contains interesting and convenient "facts" such as: parking on site, fire pits and fire-baskets, barbecues but also the house rules and conditions. Below you can download the information guide in Dutch.

Booking & Payment
After making your reservation you will receive a confirmation by mail or by post! This is also the invoice. 50% of the invoice must be paid within 2 weeks of the invoice date. Once we have received this amount your reservation is definite. If the payment isn't made within 2 weeks of the invoice date, the place will be released as still bookable.

The balance must be made over in accordance with the payment schedule on the invoice. In the case of late payment, we are entitled to terminate the lease agreement without a warning. Fees that have already been paid are not refundable.

When booking within 4 weeks prior to arrival, the entire rental amount must be paid.
Administration charges resulting from late payments: € 7.50

If, at any circumstances, you are unable to make use of your reserved mooring, camp-site or cottage, you will still be liable for the following amounts. For further information about the tourist places, seasonal pitches, fixed places and group accomodations are there the RECRON terms and for the marina are there the HISWA terms, they are available in Dutch or German. 

• Up to 3 months before the date of arrival, 15% of the agreed price.
• Up to 2 months before the arrival date, 50% of the agreed price.
• Up to 1 month before the arrival date, 75% of the agreed price.
• Within 1 month before the arrival date, 90% of the agreed price.
• On the day of arrival, 100% of the agreed price.
• By early departure/or cancellation during the reserved period, 100% of the agreed price.

Cancellation Insurance
By reservation a cancellation insurance is automatically booked. You can indicate if you wish to make any use of the cancellation insurance. We will remove the cost from your reservation and a new confirmation/invoice will be sent .

We recommend to use the cancellation insurance. The cancellation insurance is valid in the following situations:
• sudden illness or an accident of one of the family members
• serious illness or death of a family member not traveling with the insured (1st or 2nd degree)
• complications of pregnancy
• damage to your property or business, and your presence is required

Rules and regulations
All guests must abide by the house rules as laid down by ERKEMEDERSTRAND. You can find these rules in the guide you receive upon arrival. Violation of the rules can lead to removal from the ERKEMDERSTRAND without any refund of rental.

The ERKEMEDERSTRAND accepts no responsibility for theft or damage to property of guests or visitors, or for accidents involving guests or visitors. Possible exceptions to this responsibility may occur in the event of blame pertaining to camp management or employees.

Recron conditions

In addition to the established rules of the ERKEMEDERSTRAND, the Recron and Hiswa conditions are applicable to each reservation.
ERKEMEDERSTRAND is a member of the Recron. Below you can download the Recron conditions in Dutch or you can find them in German.

RECRON Tourist camping Conditions
RECRON Conditions Holliday homes
RECRON Conditions Places season
RECRON Conditions Condo
RECRON Conditions Summercamp
HISWA Conditions Condo

General additional conditions

The terms and conditions and House rules can be found above and any additional rules in our information guide. The information guide will be handed to you when checking in or you can get it at the reception. If needed you can also download it below in Dutch. 

Information guide