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NEW IN 2017!!

 Since 2016 we had a special camping field with a dogs play field on it. This year due to the succes in 2016, we did open the field today till the end of the season. 

When you want to make a reservation you can do that online or through e-mail.info@erkemederstrand.nl

Where are dogs allowed to walk loose?

Our dog beach is 1,5 kilometers long, and dogs may walk loose the entire year, even in de summer months July and August. Beach, grass and bushes, a fun and various area where you and your dogs can run, play and dig! On the other beaches are dogs allowed when they are on the leash, except the Jutterbeach and the Eventbeach. These are the only beaches where dogs are not allowed. On the entire camping area dogs have to be on the leash. With this policy we can make sure everyone has a nice vacation or a nice day out.

Shiver during the horror trip

The horror trip, which was Saturday 3 September, was a scary successful night! There were 18 groups which dared to walk the route through the woods. During the trip there were different kind of scary types who scared you. We didn’t know our guests could scream so loud! Luckily everybody made it safe back ;) The evening started and ended with a drink and a bite at the campfire with a lovely music on the background. It was a great night!

We want to thank our volunteers for their effort during the horror trip. Hopefully we will see you next year!

Dog day date moved!

We have big news! Normally the ERKEMEDER-Dog day is organised on the first Saturday of July but in 2017 we change the date!

Related to the many dog events in Holland which are also organised in July and the opening of our high season, is it not possible anymore to fit this event it in our organisation. That’s why we decided to remove the date to the last Saturday in September. This means that the next ERKEMEDER-Dog day will be on 30 September 2017.

The stand holders can sign up in January.

We hope to welcome you next year on the nicest Dog day of Holland!

The Erkemeder-Dog day was a big success!

The Erkemeder-Dog day was also this year a big success. The weather seemed unstable but we had a beautiful day with sunshine!

This year we had more activities then other years. You could walk a trail with a trained guide dog while blindfolded and there was a demonstration with Newfoundlanders which saved people out of the water. There were several competitions like dog Frisbee and Doggy dance. We had also a nice dog race which everybody could join! Workshops tricks & trucks, balance, a reading about First AID for dogs, there was plenty to do for dog and owner!

In addition to all the activities there were also a big market where dog lovers could buy different kind of (dog) stuff. From text sign and nameplates till dog toys, food and jewellery for people and dog.

The pictures from 2 July can you watch through our Facebook page.

We want to thank all the visitors and stand holders who have helped to make the day a big success!

The Marina through the years

We take you a while back in time. The Oude Haven used to be a fishers marina with the name “De Kaar”. First there was only a lot of forest and a small bridge. 48 years ago they layed down the first boat. There were about 40 iron rowboats that were used to fish. Only a couple of 10 had a motor, the rest needed to row by hand. When you arrived at the “fishers marina” there stood a couple of 10 mopeds, most of them had a little carts behind them where they moved there motors for the row boats.

The previous owner Jan Boer removed the bridge in 1980, because of that he wanted bigger boats. In 1997 the current marina started.

In the past few years, a diversity of projects and developments where made. This winter we adapted the boxes in the Oude Haven, we merged some boxes to create bigger ones. There is a growing demand for bigger boxes. In short: we are keeping up with the time.

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