honden kunnen hier de beest uithangen

Dogs beach

Zwemmen met de hond op het HondenstrandWalking off leash, digging, running, playing and of course swimming. The Dog beach is the place at the ERKEMEDERSTRAND where your dog can play all day long. The dog beach is the middle part of the 3 kilometre long beach and is about 1,5 kilometres long. A beautiful terrain with long pieces of beach, grass and bushes. An ideal day for dog and owner!

Are you tired from a nice walk with your dog and do you want to treat yourself? You can find Beachpaviljon De Jutter at the terrain, where you can enjoy a nice deserved beverage. A dogs bar with water bowls and fresh water for your dog and a diversity on biscuits. We will not forget you as owner. We have an extended menu cart for you, from just a quick snack and beverages till a complete diner.

So... are dogs allowed on the ERKEMEDERSTRAND? Yes! Walking with your dog is never been more fun! And do you have a dog that is all dirty from playing? Than you can easily wash them at the special dog showers located at the camping.

Water quality

The water quality will be checked on a regular base. You can see the water quality at www.zwemwater.nl (Dutch website).

When you’re at the website, there will be a map showing. At the search widow “zwemwater” you can type ERKEMEDERSTRAND. The results will appear with the area of our beaches.

Rates dog beach

For visitors of the dog beach or day recreation are the costs €2,00 per person (without car), if you’re coming with a car, then you’ll need to pay the current parking rate (exact change inserting at the barrier).

Low rate €2,00 per car
From October till March and if you’re arriving after 16.30 hour in the other months.

High rate €5,00 per car
From April till September from 7.00 till 16.30 hour.

The exact dates of the high- and low rate are the same as the opening hours of the camping, when the camping is open you will pay the high rate, (with exception of October). With exact change you will have access till 22.00 hour.

Subscription dog beach

If you are visiting the Dogs beach a lot, it could be a lot cheaper to get a subscription. A year subscription costs € 50,00. If you are new at it, you also need to pay a € 20,00 deposit on the Sep-Key (this is a key for the barrier at the Dog beach). If you want to cancel your subscription, you will get your deposit back when you hand your Sep-Key back in.

You can get your subscription at the reception of the ERKEMEDERSTRAND. Please keep notice the opening hours!

Different entrances and beaches

We have a beach of 3 kilometres long, that is divided in 3 parts. Every part is accessible through a separate barrier. The central entrance is the one from the Dogs beach. This is the best one to park for a nice relaxing walk with your dog.

Good to know which entrance is the best.

Head entrance
Through the head entrance you will come at the Jutterstrand, there are unfortunately no dogs allowed. You will find our restaurant/beach pavilion De Jutter here (where dogs are allowed)

After that you will find the Hillstrand and the Rietstrand, dogs are allowed to be on leash here.

Dog beach
Here you are at the beginning of the Dogs beach. This is the centre part of the beach and 1,5 kilometres long. Dogs are allowed whole year long and can walk off leash. Also in the summer months July and August.

Events beach
This is the rear part of the beach. When you turn left you will come at the events beach. Dogs are not allowed here, so if you dong love dogs you can enjoy a nice quiet walk here as long as there are no events. If you turn right you will get at the end of the Dogs beach.

Below you’ll find a map of the complete beach and entrances, if you want to zoom or print you can find the map in the menu.

Plattegrond van het complete strand

1 Trailer Ramp    5 Hillstrand
2 Harbour   6 Rietstrand 
3 De Jutter   7 Dog beach
4 Jutterstrand   8 Event beach