Ontdek, kies, reserveer, geniet!


Situated at Erkemederstrand is surf school Zeewolde. This means there are plenty of water sport possibilities at the campsite. Sailing and surfing lessons are available for all ages and you can rent surfing gear or a sailboat. It is, of course, also nice for you and your children to learn the tricks and intricacies involved in these sports from an experienced and certified instructor!


Windsurfing is once again back in the Netherlands! There are various possibilities to take windsurfing lessons. You can either take lessons together with other surfers or you can opt for private lessons. It’s all possible. Learning to surf independently is also possible with a one week course! Young and old finish their classes with a big smile!

Zeilles bij surfschool Zeewolde Sailing

Besides windsurfing it is also possible to sail. Surf School Zeewolde has two sail boats. Sailing lessons in a dinghy and a nice breezy day sailing on Lake Veluwe ? The Topaz Uno is equipped with a mainsail, and optionally a jib. If you are a good sailor and want to go sail faster you can get a racing sail attached and really fly across the lake!

For younger children who want to sail there is a nice Optimist. It is almost impossible to capsize with this boat, so ideal if your child is sailing for the first time.

Sailing boat or surfboard rental

Both sailboats and surfboards with accompanying materials are available for rental. Once you have obtained a certificate at surf school Zeewolde, you may rent a sailboat or surfing gear. If you are an experienced surfer or sailor, you can rent a sailboat or surfing gear without a certificate.

Motor boating

At Bootverhuur Harderwijk you do not need a licence to rent a boat! It is on a 20 minute drive of the ERKEMEDERSTRAND. The luxurious boats are equipped with a sun deck and a round seat with lovely cushions for a lovely day on the water. We will explain the rules of the water and the possible routes. You will also get a handy map so that you can see which routes are nice to follow. U can rent a boat from 1 hour till a whole day. We will advise you to reserve a boat well ahead of time during peak season at Bootverhuur Harderwijk.

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