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Holiday homes

Is er plaats op de camping? Bereken mijn tarief
Apart from pitching a tent, there are also holiday homes and cottages. You can choose between: Luxury Hikers' Hut Comfort and Camping Cottage.

Camping cottage or Luxury Hikers' Hut Comfort.... What do you choose?

The Luxury Hikers' Hut Comfort and Camping Cottage have the same layout, furniture and fixtures! ..... What's the difference? And what holiday home is it best to hire?

Location Hikers' Hut and Camping Cottages

The holiday homes are located within walking distance of all facilities such as beach, Canine Beach, camp-site supermarket, reception, playground and restaurant / beach pavilion "De Jutter”.

The Luxury Hikers' Hut Comfort and Camping Cottages have a warm and cozy feel about them and they are all grouped together. The cottages are detached with their own patch of lawn measuring at least 150 m2. It's ideal for families with children and / or dogs!

The Cabins and Camping Cottages for maximum 5 people and there's heating, gas, water and electricity. Outside there is a 6-seater picnic table
De vakantiehuisjes (luxe trekkershutten en camping cottages) hebben een complete inventaris en inrichtingUpon entering: Upon entering you will find a cozy living room with sofa, TV with DVD player and a kitchen.

Kitchen and inventory: The kitchens of the holiday cottages are equipped with a stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, kettle and complete kitchen inventory. This includes pots, pans, plates, cutlery, glasses and much more. If you want to know what's present, you can view the inventory list below.

Sanitation: You need not walk far as the Luxury Hikers' Hut Comfort and Camping Cottages have a toilet, shower and washbasin.

Bedrooms: There are two bedrooms with two single beds in each room. In one bedroom is a fifth bed (above another bed) attached to the wall. For more space, you can easily fold up the bottom bunk.

Inventory Cottages


Do not forget!

Op vakantie een potje midgetgolf spelenThe Cabins and Camping Cottages do not have duvets and cover sets! You can either bring your own or you can reserve them and we will put the hired duvets and cover sets ready in your cottage. A pillow (without pillow-case) is present.

Ready to go? ..... Don't forget your hand towels, tea towels and bathing towels as these are not present in the cottage.