Ontdek, kies, reserveer, geniet!

A holiday for your dog and the owners are welcome too!

Your dog also belongs to your family when you are going on a holiday. Most of the time it will be a problem, because they are not allowed everywhere. But at the ERKEMEDERSTRAND are they more than welcome! Even if you have multiple dogs you are welcome.

So, are dogs allowed on the camping? Yes of course! They can camp on all camping pitches, just like everyone else at the camping. Even in the holiday homes they can get comfy. Are you coming with a whole group, for example a dog club? Then there is the possibility to use our group camping facilities.

Camping, swimming, being lazy, eating, running, cycling and walking with your dog, for a complete vacation, a day or a weekend out with the whole family including the dog. It is all possible at the ERKEMEDERSTRAND! A vacation with your dog has never been more fun!

Facilities for dogs

At the camping are a width diversity of facilities for you and your children, but we aren’t forgetting the dogs. Playing at the Dog beach where they can be off leash for the whole year long, even in July and August. Did your dog(s) get dirty from all the running and playing? There are some special dog showers at the camping. It is also possible for the dogs to play in the dogs playground or participate in the recreation program in the holiday periods. You can think about mind games, doggy football, agility, and behaviour training. Even in beach pavilion De Jutter are they more than welcome.

There is plenty of space to walk with your dog. You can go to the walking area, go over the dike, the dogs beach or a nearby forest. Did your dog had an “accident”? Well, it could happen. Please make sure you clean it up and to make that a lot more convenient, we have spread special garbage bins with POO bags around the camping, which are free to use.

You can also find multiple supplies in the Recra camping supermarket. Even here we do think about the dogs. You can find feed and drink bowls, toys, biscuits, food and much more. Deserves your dog a real doggy holiday? Than you are at the right place!

NEW IN 2017!!
From 2017 you are able to celebrate your holiday at a special camping field with an dogs play field on it. This means that you’re able to let your dog(s) run free on a field within a fence, while you can keep an eye on them from your chair in front of your tent.

Dogs are still allowed to camp at the whole camping, but then just as always, on leash or within a dog fence at your camping place.

If you want to put up an reservation for this new field, you can make your reservation online or contact us by phone or mail.

Day of the Dogs

The ERKEMEDER-Day for Dogs is at September 30th 2017.
From 2017 the Day for Dogs will take place at the last saturday of September

There is a huge fair that covers 2 km of the dogs beach and there are various activities not only to watch, but also in which you and your dog can participate. The following were included for the previous years: dog racing, dog frisbee games, the water work of Newfoundlanders, dog photographers, behavioural therapy, doggy soccer, guide and assistance dog agility, a portrait painter and much more. There will be more information released as the date comes closer, keep an eye on the website of the ERKEMEDER-day for dogs day for more information (in Dutch).

Do you want to camp during the dogs day? Than we have a special dogs day camping arrangement. We have reserved a separate camping field for the visitors and participants of the dogs day.